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x-mas list 2009 Import Games edition. - チーズでした [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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x-mas list 2009 Import Games edition. [Dec. 6th, 2009|03:32 am]
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Well more of a online x-mas list. I Don't really trust my parents to buy the stuff I want online. They'd probably accidentally buy me bootlegs or stuff I already have and while the thought it's appreciated I'm rather specific about my animu/mango crap. On my regular x-mas list I'll probably just put the stuff I usually put. Any kind of anime dvd's and games that could be bought at best buy. plus just other stuff i need/ like.
So lets get this puppy started.

Import games


Love Plus

Yep. the famous I married a 2d moe girl game. Ive been interested in dating sim games for a long time and now in the past few years finally have been able to own and play a few more. ( so most of the games on this list will be of the dating sim variety) I was interested in this game from the moment I heard about it. being able to go on live"dates" and do various in game things with the girls sounded too fun to pass up. I'm not a specifically a moe fangirl but I do enjoy moe from time to time and I do like cute girls~. The game is made by Konami which made the Tokimemo Girls Side games which I enjoyed along with the DS ports. Which is why Love Plus seems very much in the same style as those games. I'm asking for a DSi for x-mas so i'll probably order this one my self not long after. ( though i might feel weird dating nene-chan now that i know shes a taken woman.)



The art in this game looks completely Beautiful. I really love the sort of watercolorish style of the art. the girls look so cute. I heard it was made by the same company that did Kimkiss but I had only really vaguely heard of that series before. Is seems like more of a love and lifestyle management system then a traditional dating sim. But the art on it online was enough to sell to me.

Last Escort 2: Shiya no Amai Ira

A pretty boy game for once~ and one that takes place in a host club no less. Well admittedly the reason the subject of host clubs interest me is because of my fetish/kink -o-; ( Hot pretty drunk boys= very very yes.) So the main reason I wanted the sequel rather then the first because there was a champagne drinking mini game (go fetish~) But in general the game looks fun.

Persona 4
The Japanese version obviously. I would consider P4 to be one of my absolute favorite games of 2009 (okay so technically it came out in 2008 but I spend most of my time playing it in 09!) Probably one of the first RPG's sense Final Fantasy 7 or even games I've played lately in general that I've been this into. I love most of the characters, and the dialog in the game was so awesome so well acted and just plain funny. It was nice to see a RPG set in modern times where it actually dealt with interesting psychological issues rather then just " saving the princess " or " getting the magic sword" but I digress. I guess being the big fan I am I wanted to try replaying the game in Japanese. I really wanted to hear the in game Japanese dialog and it's just not the same seeing it on random youtube clips. And I definitely think it might add to more fun for replay value seeing the same scenes acted in the original Japanese.


Togainu no Chi

Yep quite the popular game. Right now I'm actually playing Lamento, Beyond the Void, another Nitro+ Chiral game and though slow paced its been a pretty quality game. Nitro+ Chiral is a pretty famous visual novel/dating sim game company that has a bunch of games under its roster (bl and non bl) and Togainu no Chi is probably one of there more famous titles. The screen shots still look pretty sweet so I think I'm definitely going to have to check this out.

Koibito Yugi

Another BL game> it just looked kinda cute/sweet to me. Though I'm not really into the character design of the main character. The cg's look well done and I'm pretty much up to playing anything that looks well done and is bl -o-;.

Daylight -Asa ni Hikari no Kanmuri wo-

For some reason I wasn't sure at first if this was BL. It seemed like one of those borderline bl games with no actual malexmale content but I was pleasantly surprised. The school boy theme going on in the game looks great ><; ( I'm a fan of blazer uniforms rather than the gakuran) Again another game with really well done cg art. The art look so clean and luminescent some how. Definitely going to give this one a shot.

So that's about it as for games. I thought about including a PSP category but there's nothing huge as far as import games I want for PSP now, last game I really wanted that came out for PSP was project diva which I already own now.

I actually intended for this to be one big huge entry on all the only stuff I wanted but this is ending up rather huge already. Stay tuned for a possible X-mas 09 figure addition as a future entry....hopefully.