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was cheese

9 January
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Hiya, Not much to say personally. I'm using this journal as my own personal fandom journal. I've had the idea of doing a fandom journal in the back of my mind for ages and finally got around to doing it. Basicaly this LJ is for the purpose of talking/ranting/squeeing over what ever current fandoms I'm in at the moment. and hey who knows if i ever get around to it maybe ill post some fic/fanart/icons/whatever~. I'm mostly active in Japanese related fandoms at the moment. Anything else you pretty much need to know:

Real Name : Emily
Age 27
Location: Minnesota, USA
Ocupation: LPN
Curent active fandoms: Hetalia, Vocaloid, JE(somewhat)

There's really not much else to say about me personally. Anyway keeping my journal open at the moment. I update pretty sporadically as a warning. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions/ comments. Hope to see you around~