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preorders 2 electric bugaloo~ [Sep. 14th, 2010|05:56 pm]
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Uh yeah, sorry no update in a while , not like anyone's really watching this anyway lol. Anywho thought I'd update with my now current list of preorders, which are mostly Vocaloid and Hetalia crap ATM.

Again I think pretty much all of these are from hobby search. I don't really have any music/books/dvd/games on preorderd ATM. Well I did preorder the new Hetalia DVD but for only like a day, it should be shipping soon. Looking forward to it even though I have kinda mixed feelings about the dub :/. Also worth mentioning I got my Nessa no Rakuen(熱砂ノ楽園) BL game today, the art looks so purrdy~ Cant wait to play. But anyway lets get to it.

Hetalia One Coin Figure -Round 2-

Pfff. This was pretty much a guaranteed preorder when I first saw it was available. I managed to get the first set from Yes Asia just barely when there first release came out and it was like one of the last ones before it sold out. Gaaa I don't know who I like to see more, I always wanted to see Canada in a one coin figure and now we do ^^, though loving Finland and Sweden in this as well glad that there together~.

Figma Megurine Luka

Again pretty much another guaranteed preorder, sense Luka is one of my favorites♥. I knew there would eventually be a Luka Figma out and here it is in all its glory. I like that this one comes with a giant オオマさん, too hilarious.

Black Rock Shooter

Yeeeeeees finally~, like I said last time, this elusive beauty slipped out of my hands. I had it for preorderd when it originally came out and when it was finally released after 30 delays , my preroder was just up and canceled. :( When I had been one of the first people to order it, in the first month it came available for preorder. Oh well learned my lesson, don't preorder figures at Yes Asia. Any who not much to say , hopefully this order will go tough and I will finally have my hands on the original black rock shooter~~♥

Hatsune Miku Tony ver

assakjdhakjshdkashdaskjhdasd There are no words, This has to be once of the best Miku figures I've seen hands down. I'm not a huge fan of Tony Taka's work but he does do some nice stuff, but this Miku is just too ~~~~♥♥♥~ *fangirlgasims*~

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Absolute HMO Edition

baaauuug~ this little figures too cute not to preorder. I actually didn't know until I saw the figure and read the info on it that YMO did a Miku cover cd. Though I remember seeing that image of Miku around. That's pretty awesome, I wish more j-musicians would do more stuff with vocaloid.

So that's about it, yeah I'm still updating pretty sporadically so yeah, see ya next time~.

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