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Preorders~ [Apr. 12th, 2010|08:35 pm]
ahhg Sorry for the lack of updates. So much for continuing my x-mas wish list considering its April already. Though sence then I did buy and was playing love plus. I was going after Manaka-chan and sorta lost interest in the game -o;; I hope to pick it up again some time soon. Well instead I'm gonna talk about my current preorders I have underway~

All of these are pretty much from hobby search

Black Rock Shooter Figma

Unfortunately I had the original Black Rock shooter figure preorderd but in the end I never got it :-;. I'm not sure if they ran out stock quick or what but I had it preorder it the month it was originally available for preorder last march I think and still didn't get it ><. And I really don't want the blade version. I dunno for some reason with out her jacket Miku just looks kinda sickly. So I preorderd this nice figma of her. It really looks as nice as the original BRS and is cheaper and obviously more poseable.

Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid

Yep preorderd this one too. Couldn't pass either one of them up. Little BRS-chan is pretty cute in sorta dark and brooding way.


This one should actually be shipping out soon. I saw it up one say on the hobby search main page and I didn't even know they were making a Toeto figure. It's ridiculously cute and from one of the best known Luka songs too.

Magnet T-shirts

Uh yeah I got both of them..lol I first bought the Darker pink one in a "child's large size" then saw the other one after I had ordered the first one, that was in a " medium women's size" I actually like the colors of both so I decided to get them both -o-;; The lighter pink one should probably fit me better. I try to order those cospa t-shirts in smalls but there still to big for me. I wished they come out with more womens and girl sizes shirt. Cant wait to wear them , That's actually the image used in my default icon too~.

Durarara T-shirt

Yeah this one looked pretty Sweet too. I'm not a super fan or durrr, but i do really like it and I really like the design of the shirt. Simple with the logo in pink shiny stuff..lol I hope this one fits to they only had it in a medium and I'm not sure id that's a girl sized one.

Hetalia Axis Powers Virtual Idol Japan Plush

asjdhaskjdhaksdh OMG so cute . Japan isn't even my favorite character ( He's more a tie in third place between Canada and America) My latest preorder. It looked so much cuter then those other plushes that they had of japan Germany and Italy, out before that looked horable. Japan looked like a alien. But this one is totally adorable cant wait to get it.

Well that's all I have preorderd atm Hope to keep this journal updated on a semi regular basis. Seeya Later~